Online domination client:

"Have to admit, I just get lost and immersed in you when see and hear you Mistress Hedone."

"Well, today is my first ever real-time session with Mistress Hedone. I Didn't get much sleep in preparation was just too excited. As it's a long drive for me to Glasgow I had plenty of time to think and play out what Mistress had in store for me, god my poor little ticker was racing!


As I got closer and closer to my destination I could feel the nerves starting to creep back up on me. So once I arrived at the destination and Mistress buzzed me in into the building and started to make my way up the stairs to the dungeon my heart was pounding, my mind was racing and my excited nerves just hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a huge breath in before I knocked. When Mistress let me in and the second I laid my eyes on her dressed in a tight black catsuit I was in total awe of Mistress Hedone's beauty, just pure perfection! We had a good chat before the session would start which really help me settle down.


Now I won't go into details about what went on during the session but I will say it was one of the best experiences of my life and so glad I picked Mistress Hedone the amount of hard work, care, and attention she puts into her sessions is amazing. Mistress exceeded my wildest expectations... Thank you so much Mistress for such an amazing, unforgettable session."

"After looking for quite sometime and going back and forth about booking a session. I came across Mistress Hedone and her statuesque  look , whch made me finally pluck up the courage, to write an email for my first session. 

During the first and every correspondence since she has made me feel at ease and not a compete nervous wreck so I found it easier to go through with booking it.

On the day I phoned Mistress Hedone to find out location of dungeon, and therefore embarking on my first session and submissive journey. I went in and was greeted by Mistress Hedone who was as statuesque and amazing as in her pictures, but intimidating as she peers down at you. I was ordered to strip and take position on spot marked out,  I was order onto chair were mistress put her collar and leash me and nipple clamps,after play on chair I was walked too and ordered over bench were my underwear which was still on , was quickly off as , mistress took her different paddles to my bum making sure it was a lovely rosey red, mistress also used other implements on me while over the bench giving me telling and sensations I had never felt. 

I was the told to lie on take where Mistress covered my cock with pegs slowly building Pain one by one, after that I was told to joi for mistress.

As for a first session it was perfect and mistress tailored it for me being a newbie, and has lead to more sessions now and on future which I am already looking forward too. 

So if you are like me nervous about doing it , just do it and your eyes will be opened and you can start your journey and there is no one better in my mind than Mistress Hedone . But I'm biased obviously haha."

"What can I say. You and your mind are beautiful".

" Today was actually amazing. You. Were. Are. Perfect. Everything about it was genuine. Your height. Your strong legs. Your fierce confident character"