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14th February - the day of love, hearts, cards, chocolates, everything that is RED etc etc. The day of the year when one is supposed to remember to profess their love for their significant other....

Valentines and Tommy Guns

How about we do things the right way around and show some love every other day, and on Valentines we turn things up a notch and celebrate in the kinky way?

On 14th February 1929 in Chicago seven gang members and associates have been murdered. These were the prohibition days and the war between Italian and Irish Gangs fighting over the control of organised crime in the city of jazz and liquor. This event is known as the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

And so I have for you a special offer - A Saint Valentine's Day Massacre session - 90 minutes during which this wannabe gangster, disguised as a glamorous flapper, has to convince the Mob Boss, Al Capone, she has what it takes to become a member. She has to be cruel to the unsuspecting mark!

This sheba has a gat and an order get the scratch! Can you handle this? ;)


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