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The Beginning

The Beginning

I was born in Eastern Europe. At a time when Facebook was only just becoming "a thing". From the very beginning I knew I was different, interested in sex and sexuality from a very young age. Always wanting to figure out what makes people tick, gives them pleasure. From the beginning, I swam against the current. I felt at odds in the restrictive, puritan culture that thwarted anyone who owned their sexuality. That was until I moved to Scotland...

The beginning of my official journey into fetish and Domination started some 12 years ago. I begun by dipping my toe into the world of burlesque, then striptease, through psychology and then the final plunge of attending my first fet-night out.

My approach to kink is cerebral, thought-out and curious mixed with sensual, pleasurable and fulfilling. I prefer sessions that have been booked in advance to give me time to plan something really special. I truly love what I do and whenever I get to interact with clients, whether it's a sex-chat or a session, I can feel the thrill and excitement that leaves me buzzing.

I have learned a lot from the beginning of my journey. I am not the same person I was. I continue to improve myself and my skills. I have worked my arse off and will continue to do so even more. Now proudly British. Who am I? I am your Scottish Giantess, Mistress Hedone.



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