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  • MistressHedone

Session Time

Some fetishes can take place via online play, but some, most actually, are session fetishes. Best experienced in person.

To truly enjoy sessions and fetishes during the session - do give yourself enough time. You may be nervous and unsure. Hesitant. This is perfectly understandable.

But, have you ever been forced to rush through your favourite meal? Watch your favourite sport on sped up reply, skipping past most of it? Forced to rush through something that should have taken more time? If you answered "Yes" to any of these, try and remember how did it feel? Disappointing? Not enjoyable? Rushed? Anticlimactic? Sad? Unpleasant?

This is how a session will feel if you don't give yourself enough time to enjoy each of the fetishes you'd like to explore in the session. Even edging and ruined orgasms need time!


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