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Novice Sessions

It isn't easy to go from thinking about a session with a Dominatrix/Mistress to then reading through their profiles and finally making a booking. What will happen? Will I like it? What if I do not like it? What if I change my mind? These and other questions will be running through your mind.

Novice Sessions

I enjoy novice sessions. I take particular thrill in introducing people into BDSM. Fulfilling the desire that has been hidden deep down for so long and finally given an opportunity to blossom.

However, I do not claim to read minds. I am learning about you, just as much you are learning about BDSM and your own desires. Before novice sessions I do try and arrange an extensive communication, ideally by phone rather than email, to find out more about you and what it is that you want to explore, answer your questions and give you an opportunity to decide if the session with me is something you want. Every Mistress has a different style, is a different person, sessions in Her way. To many it is as personal as your choice of love partner.

My main recommendation for novices is to be, above all else, polite and respectful. That is the key. It will take you a long way. Here is a testimonial after a Novice Session call from one of my clients:

"As a sub that's never had any real time session experience before I was very, very nervous about my phone call with Mistress Hedone. I will admit even before I had the call I was thinking I won't actually have the nerve to go through with it.

But I am so glad I had the call as just a wee chat with Mistress Hedone to discuss things all my fears, worries and concerns very quickly faded. Mistress made me feel at complete ease and was able to answer all my concerns. Mistress is a very sweet, nice person and so very easy to talk with. During the call I knew that I must have a session with Mistress. Her sinister yet sexy laugh combined with her sensual, hypnotic voice just made feel all warm and tingly 😉 all the nerves I had evaporated and was replaced with an I must book a real time session with Mistress asap.

So I say to any new sub that has any doubt or is nervous about booking to serve Mistress please arrange a phone call with Mistress to discuss things and you'll see that there is in fact nothing to be worried about. I know I'm so happy to have had my phone call with Mistress."


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