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I am a Novice. What now?

So you have read the Novice section on the main page. You feel you are ready to contact me and book a session... But what to do now?

Start by sending me an email. Remember, be polite. Do not start by calling me "Doll", "Hi", "Girl", "Hey". This is your chance to show me that you are serious and will treat me with respect. Introduce yourself. You can use your real name or an alias - both are absolutely fine with me. Let me know a little bit about yourself, your experience and what are you hoping to explore. And be ready to pay a deposit for a session. It shows commitment and allows you to secure a suitable time and day.

I will get in touch and discuss what happens next ;)

So we have spoken, arranged a session and the day has some. What now? Before coming to the session, have a shower. Nobody enjoys lack of hygiene. You do not have to shave (unless we are going to have some fun with wax - then I recommend waxing). Trim your nails (I do not enjoy clawed men!). Have your face mask ready. Do not drink alcohol or take other substances - these will impair your judgment and I will therefore cancel the session on the spot. Put the tribute in an envelope (I do not enjoy handling cash in hand - it is much more suitable and polite to present it in an envelope. You may even consider placing it in a "Thank you" card).

Relax, enjoy. Arrive on time and let me take care of you ;)

I am a Novice. What now?


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