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Fetishes you can explore with me pt.7

Next on the list of fetishes you can explore with me are:

Financial domination - this fetish can take many forms - whether it includes additional offering that you bring with you to the session (in an envelope of course, a Mistress shall not be handed in cash just like that) or a more detailed contract with specific arrangements, that we discuss and agree on during a session... either way - the goal isn't to get anyone into trouble and I will take care to ensure you aren't doing anything silly!

Forced feeding - what is your poison? Baby food? Custard? Cream? Perhaps I should gag you on bananas? ;)

Foot gagging - more than a worship. Open wide, say "aaaaaa" and gag as I try and fit my foot in your mouth and laugh, watching you gag and saliva going everywhere!

Foot worship - ah yes, this can also take many forms. Do you wish to inhale my scent after I have been to the gym? Or perhaps just ran 10k? Or perhaps you would like me to be freshly showered and you shall massage in my favourite oil after kissing and licking every toe?

Next week giantess worship, gym gear, heel worship...


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