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Fetishes you can explore with me pt.4

Out of all the fetishes you can explore with me, this will give you a sneak peak at bondage, caning, chastity (your own device), cigar smoking/human ashtray.

Bondage is one of the very popular fetishes. You, restrained, confined, unable to move and under my control :) Be it rope, cling film, tape or anything else I decide to use on you - you are mine and I can do whatever it is I want to... ;)

Caning unlike bastinado, covered in previous blog post, covers other parts of your body.... or cane covers other body parts... well... there is cane... there is your body... you get the idea, right? ;) hahaha

Chastity (bring your own device - which is kind of like "bring your own booze" but with chastity, and no booze, and no orgasm...) ;) I will take those keys now ;)

Cigar smoking/human ashtray is one of my special little niches. I don't smoke cigarettes, so don't even ask. Now, if you were to bring me a lovely cigar, medium, or chocolate flavoured, I will happily breathe the smoke at you, enjoying the flavour and perhaps even use you as my ashtray ;)

Next week CBT, CP, dinner date...


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