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Fetishes you can explore with me pt.3

Part three of the fetishes you can explore with me during sessions:

Bastinado - one of the many forms of corporal punishment. Your bare feet taking the cane. This can be part of a longer scenario but can also be a stand alone punishment if that tickles your funny bone ;)

Boot worship - what would I be without my favourite pair of thigh high boots! And this pair is truly lovely! Making sure you do not miss a single spot will take you a good long while ;) and you better do a good job, otherwise punishment will be required.

Human punchbag/boxing/kickboxing - now these are fun sessions and can include a range of scenarios: interrogation, punishment, evil play thing ;) Can wear gloves or I can go bare knuckles. I can have shin guards or bare legs. Are you prepared for this beat down? :)

Next bondage, caning, chastity (your own device), cigar smoking/human ashtray...


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