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Fetishes you can explore with me pt.2

Part two of the fetishes you can explore with me:

Ass worship - and what a magnificent ass that is!! If you are a good boy you will be permitted to get up close to it. I do enjoy a good massage, especially if it was a squat day at the gym ;) this can include ass sitting but doesn't have to ;) I will guide you through what is and what is not allowed.

Ball busting - now this is a treat! Especially if you have experienced this before... especially from someone who used to train in martial arts and regularly throws weights around ;) Many implements can be used as well as bare hands, bare feet, knees... you get the idea ;) Our first ball busting session will not be extreme - do not request that. Take it easy and enjoy the experience ;)

Next week bastinado, boot worship, human punchbag/boxing/kickboxing....


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