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Fetishes you can explore with me pt.14

Further fetishes you may explore with me include spanking, tease and denial and tickle torture.

Spanking - one of the classics and yet it never gets old! There are so many exciting ways in which it can be delivered, implements that can be used, scenarios that can be enacted! It may be simple and classic, but I absolutely love it!

Tease and denial - like spanking, this is a staple of all BDSM beginner sessions. Classic. Can be delivered in so many devious and evil ways! It can be a session to itself of part of a bigger fun arrangement!

Tickle torture - not often requested, but so much fun can be had! The name speaks for itself!

If you want to book a session - email me and let me know which of the fetishes you are interested in, when you would like to book for and the duration of the session.


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