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Early Days

Someone recently asked if I have been into the lifestyle (a Dominatrix) since July 2020 as that is when I created my Twitter account. I understand the confusion as lockdown seems to have brought on an influx of new names and faces.

This is most certainly not the case. I have been a Professional Dominatrix since around 2013. And by a Professional Dominatrix I mean someone who took money in exchange for a session in a dungeon. July 2020 was when I created my Twitter and other online presence accounts that followed.

As to the lifestyle - well I guess that my early days started really early! I felt quite nostalgic recently and this trip down the memory lane reminded me of my first exposure to sex, sex work and BDSM. And that was at the age of 10. Yes, you read that right. I was 10 years old when I came across the book "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure". I was fascinated. I didn't completely understood everything in the book. What I know I did understand, however, was my own arousal. I also understood that I wanted to know and experience more.

In these early days I have quickly begun sneaking into my fathers porn and sex magazine stash as well as adult graphic novels and reading more, learning and exploring. I remember trying to masturbate with the showerhead in the bath and ever since taking my sweet, sweet time when bathing...

Remembering these early days also brought back my first sexually dominant experience... and it happened not long after, at a summer holiday. With a sweet and innocent friend that I took pleasure in inducting to the possibilities of sex life and all it has to bring... but that's a story for another blog post ;)


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