New to BDSM? Nervous about making a booking? Not sure what to expect? What may happen when you contact a Dominatrix?

It takes courage to take a step towards fulfilling your desires and give yourself to another person.

I understand your hesitation and fear. My aim is to make you comfortable and enjoy the ride! Nothing that you will tell me will shock or surprise me. Think about the things you saw in the past, things you experienced - tell me what it is you would like to try.


This is our first meeting and I don't claim to read minds and know what is hiding in your soul. However, I understand having needs, yearning for something special, something you want to hide from the outside world. 

Here is some information about the sessions that will help: 

  • Consent is the the key. Nothing takes place without explicit consent. If you do not want to do something, tell me.

  • Discretion is paramount. I do not discuss anything that happens in the dungeon.

  • Mutual respect and adherence to protocol. I will not tolerate swearing, insults or attempts to touch or grab me, and the session will END there. 

  • Fun! Both of us should have fun. The session stops, if we are not having fun.

  • Discovery! I recommend that the initial session includes light fetishes. Think about what you desire and pick a couple of things you would like to try (if you are unsure take a look at the Sessions page).

  • I recommend that the initial session is booked for 90 minutes. It allows you to ask any questions, take time to relax and really enjoy the session.

Now that you have a better idea what to expect, what next? To find out - visit my blog ;)