Hedone was a Greek goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. Born of Eros and Psyche she was associated with sensual pleasure. Her opposites were the Algos, personifications of pain. Like the goddess, for me BDSM is about experiencing pleasure! Whether it's through anticipation, tension, pain or any other means.

Mistress Hedone, the Scottish Giantess, a Professional Mistress. There is a lot to take in, from my piercing blue eyes that will have you nervous, excited, mesmerised and entranced; to my very unique accent that will have you listen to every word and whisper; the devilish, truly wicked laugh... and towering over you at nearly 6feet of height (heels excluded), I will take you on a fetish/BDSM journey to discover your deepest, darkest pleasures. I will hold you under the heel of my thigh-high boot, palm of my strong hand and an unmistakably wicked smile.